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The Oregon Mechanical Officials Association is dedicated to providing a professional environment for mechanical code officials and industry professionals to share knowledge and educate each other to enhance the public welfare.


Next Membership Meeting:

Day: Thursday November 19, 2015 12:30pm.  

LOCATION:  The membership meetings will be held at Marion County Public Works Building in the Silver Creek Room, on Silverton Rd., East of Lancaster, just past Cordon Rd. The address is: 5155 Silverton Rd. NE., Salem, OR 97305.  503-588-5147.

DATES:  2015 Membership Meeting Schedule

Questions Please use the questions link for information about submitting a code question to be brought up during code discussions at the next meeting. If you can't be present at the meeting, the discussion results can be found in the meeting minutes.

  • Discounts at schools given by OMOA
  • A subscription to the minutes of the OMOA meetings, including the answers to the code discussions during those meetings.
  • An open, informal, forum for code officials and industry to come together and discuss questions and concerns about the mechanical field.