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2007 Meeting Minutes

December 07 Minutes (Topics: clearance listing on a range/ microwave oven, plywood used as a fresh air supply, nail salons, minimum distance from the “source” of contaminate)

November 07 Minutes (Topics: secondary drain for a 90% furnace, batt insulation be used on top of a ceiling grid, Type I & II hood welding)

October 07 Minutes (Topics: gas piping for a backup/emergency generator, testing against natural gas shut-offs, condensate line for secondary overflow drain)

No September Meeting

August 07 Minutes (Topics: residential cooking stove in office building, does gas have to be hooked up at time of the final inspection, fuel-gas regulators)

July 07 Minutes (Topics: metal duct sealant)

June 07 Minutes (Topics: Seismic safety gas valves)

May 07 Minutes (Topics: furnace for using vegetable cooking oils, permits for above-ground oil tanks)

April 07 Minutes (Topics: garages being confined spaces, units outside within set backs, flex connector and a flex duct, sleaving per IR 92-25)

March 07 Minutes (Topics: equipment mounted on roofs, Openings for under-floor ventilation, refrigerant line-sets, gas piping to an existing system)

February 07 Minutes (Topics: appliances installed in existing vented metal fireplaces, flattening of flex duct, How far from a kitchen area can a return air grill be located, Can the bottom on a cabinet be used without being lined or sealed as part of the duct?)

January 07 Minutes (Topics: private residential garage into a home business, solid fuel or gas-fired decorative appliance, existing commercial kitchen, requirement of energy forms)

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