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2008 Meeting Minutes

No December Meeting

November 08 Minutes (Topics: Test pressure measurements, Auto Chor Dishwasher System, balance report for the HVAC system)

October 08 Minutes (Topics: Intermittent Exhaust vs. Continuous Exhaust, Timer vs. Automatic, Whole-house ventilation vs. whole-house ventilation, Unlisted wood stoves or cook stoves, Exhaust duct materials)

No August or September meetings

July 08 Minutes (Topics: hood suppression systems)

June 08 Minutes (Topics: pressure relief under Code Section M1317.3.1, gas piping in a fireplace)

May 08 Minutes (Topics: ventilation “openings shall communicate directly or by duct, hearth extensions,

April 08 Minutes (Topics: green tag propane tanks, meters on a 4-unit condo project)

March 08 Minutes (Topics: Type II hood for dishwasher, OMSC Section 503 and 510, test on buried plastic gas lines, termination point for hazardous exhaust in relationship to a gas meter, CSST bonding)

February 08 Minutes (Topics: seismic for furnaces in attics, pressures on the outlet-side of each regulator, gas line and pressure tests, orphaned appliances, chimneys in moved buildings, link for Nail Salon requirements, CSST bonding)

January 08 Minutes (Topics: unvented liquid fuel appliances in residences, LP Gas equipment and appliances regulated by NFPA 58)

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