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2009 Meeting Minutes

December 2009 Minutes (split systems, C711 #7 appliance anchorage, condensate line subject to freezing.)

November 2009 Minutes (wood stoves, dust collection, convection oven hood, mini-split systems)

October 2009 Minutes (mini splits, 3/4 inch outlet at gas meter for residential, unvented room heaters)

No meetings in August and September

July 2009 Minutes (access to roof top equipment)

June 2009 Minutes (Deep Fryer type 1 hood, Acca Manual S, elevating pool pump)

May 2009 Minutes (Dryer booster fan, seismic recoil restraints, evaporative coil, drip legs)

April 2009 Minutes (B vents in Chimneys, nail salon venting, residential range in commercial application)

March 2009 Minutes (MP Regulators vs second stage regulators)

February 2009 Minutes (Makeup air at dishwasher hood, enclosure around vent termination)

January 2009 Minutes (Hood interconnection with appliance)

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