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2010 Meeting Minutes

December 2010 Minutes: (Condensate for makeup water, gas lines under pan decking, new insulation requirements for ducts in OEESC, plastic piping for gas, fastening units to ground, insulation at condensate line, HVAC testing with smoke or magnet, CO2 detector at furnace.)

November 2010 - no meeting.

October 2010 Minutes: (Ventilation requirements for push/pulls, vent system that uses an "O"ring vs solvent -cemented connections)

September 2010 - no meeting, short school

August 2010 Minutes: (Factory-made duct of fiberglass reinforced plastic,plastic pipe in house for gas, Auto-Chlor system, placement of furnaces in closets or alcoves, hood clearances behind type 1 hoods, platform requirements for exterior wall hung ductless heat pumps.)

July 2010 - meeting canceled

June 2010 Minutes: (guardrail requirements, OMSC section 107.2, refrigerant locking caps, sediment traps)

May 2010 Minutes: (condensate lines, hazardous exhaust implementation 510.3)

April 2010 Minutes: (hood over dishwasher, 3inch elevation for heat pumps, condensate drain sensors, fire suppression for wood burning pizza oven)

March 2010 Minutes: (solar voltaic panels and guardrails, used furnace installed in a home, boiler replacement installation, common dryer duct termination)

February 2010 Minutes: (G2420-Valve, dryer duct termination, Decorative appliances)

January 2010 Minutes: (appliance connectors, kitchen hoods with variable speed fans, class 1 air duct for residential, chimney chase for gas piping)

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