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2011 Meeting Minutes

December 2011: (Beauty/ Nail salons, condensate disposal)

November 2011: (Locking access port caps, refrigerant testing)

October 2011: (Locking access port caps)

No September meeting

August 2011: (Earthquake activated automatic gas shut of valves, kettle corn popper hoods, hickory smokers installed inside buildings, duct performance testing, external wood stove, hydronic heating piping inside.)

No July 2011 Meeting.

June 2011: (Dryer booster fans, exhaust over public way)

May 2011: (Ground joints for gas piping, CSST protection outside, disconnects used for required shut off.)

April 2011: (CO detectors, Union in concealed space, gas fireplace inspections)

March 2011: (Radon mitigation, ventilation for enclosed stairs, booster fans for mechanical ducts, spark arrestors, grease exhaust ducts)

February 2011: (Exhaust fans in commercial use, decommissioned appliances, hood for a fry wizard.)

January 2011: (Topics: combination washer/dryer units)

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