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2013 Meeting Minutes

December 2013: (Can you run a condensate drain line into a washer box, Is fire suppression required in wood-fired pizza ovens, mechanical requirements for craft breweries and their stills/mash cookers)

November 2013: (Can you use that table 307.2.2 for all condensates not just refrigeration, tempered air requirements for residential range hoods over 400 CFM)

October 2013: (requirements for interior installation of CSST, ductless mini-split system requirements)

September 2013: Short School - no meeting

August 2013: No meeting

July 2013: (refrigerant access question - will be researched by Mark Heizer)

June 2013: (continuing discussion of May 2013 code questions)

May 2013: (Kitchen hood capture & containment, Exhaust System requirements in an apartment, firestop protection for pipe in a garage)

April 2013: (charcoal filter on a condensate drain, inspection requirements for Geothermal Heating Systems)

March 2013: (Tamper resistant refrigerant valves, Residential kitchen hood make-up air, Elevation of ignition source, Furnace replacement)

February 2013: (dryer lint trap)

January 2013: (NFPA54, piping system with an operating pressure above 2.0 psi)

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