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2014 Meeting Minutes

December 2014: Is it permitted to install wall switches to turn off the power for built-in de-humidistat bathroom exhaust fans?

November 2014: Is the access to furnace filters checked at a mechanical final? Is there code language requiring a guardrail when a furnace is installed on a platform in a crawl space/storage area that has a 4 foot drop-off.

October 2014: Can a portable device (iPad/laptop) be used as an approved location to monitor activation of a smoke detector, examples of possible exceptions to smoke detection requirements

July 2014: No new code discussion

June 2014: Cooking equipment & Hood requirements for kitchens in churches and "soup kitchens" in multi-purpose spaces in churches, requirements for exposed PVC & ABS to be painted to protect the pipes from ultraviolet light degradation, does the basis for permit fees for wafer production plants include all equipment vaules or is there a cap on the valuation

May 2014: (make-up air requriements in a three-stall bathroom, continued discussion of gas pipe bonding requirements, acceptable material for an air/fan box connection to an existing "heatilator" woodstove insert, hood requirements for a portable doughnut cooker, acceptable alternate method to light testing for hood exhausts, are louvered plastic dryer duct terminations acceptable) Open Items from May 2014 Meeting

April 2014: (continuation of passive sub slab depressurization system requirements, visqueen requirements for garage slabs, radon, information required for distilleries vs. breweries, verifying the bonding of gas pipe, secure plug-in CO detectors, portable cooking appliance requirements)

March 2014: (passive sub slab depressurization system requirements)

February 2014: (continuation of condensate question discussion)

January 2014: (min-split heat pump systems, radon mitigation system, fire suppression in wood-fired pizza ovens, vinyl tubing requirements for condensate draining of packaged air handlers)

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