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2015 Meeting Minutes

October, 2015: Multiple code discussion issues

July, 2015: No code discussion

June, 2015: Requirements for labels for exhaust ducts and places where labels can be purchased.

May, 2015: Multiple questions regarding radon fans

April, 2015: "Who inspects steam generating appliances in showers"; "Can condensate disposal be drained under an exterior slab?"; "Discussion regarding natural vs mechanical ventilation for a warehouse being converted to a gym"

March 2015: "Is a Type 1 Hood required for any equipment that during the cooking process creates grease or smoke?"; "Is the mechanical ventilation required in residential laundry rooms without operable glazing?"; “Is there another code that addresses built-in recirculating microwaves? The code seems to only address simple range hoods and not the recirculating built-in microwave/recirculating ones.”;

February 2015: No new code discussion items.

January 2015: Is outside ventilation required for e-cigarette lounges; makeup air requirement for residential kitchen exhaust fans capable of exhausting in excess of 400 CFM; where is there code language that directs a person to using the manufacturer’s installation instructions for installation of CSST (Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing).

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